Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I see these packages in action before committing on a full year contract?

You can try our Salesforce packages with a 3-month commitment before opting for a full 12-month contract. This allows you to assess their suitability for your needs. Contact us to get started and experience our services with flexibility. Your satisfaction is important to us.

How can you provide such competitive pricing?

We bill you exclusively for the services that directly benefit you. Specifically, we do not invoice for: time spent waiting for assets or briefings, time spent awaiting technical deliveries from your web teams, and periods of downtime during specific times of the year.

How do you ensure that you keep a sufficient connection to my business?

We maintain a strong connection to your business through regular communication and dedicated account management. Our team actively engages with your needs, providing ongoing support and adapting our services to ensure they align with your evolving requirements. Your success is our priority.

What makes you different from a "traditional" Salesforce partner?

We differentiate ourselves by offering fixed monthly fee services with no surprises, providing flexibility and transparency. Unlike traditional partners, we focus on your evolving needs, ensuring cost-effective, tailored solutions that adapt to your business requirements.

Do you also help think about strategy and proposition?

In addition to our comprehensive services, we actively contribute to strategy and proposition discussions. Our dedicated team collaborates with you to refine and enhance your strategic approach, ensuring your Salesforce implementation aligns seamlessly with your overarching business goals.

Do you provide the same services for Sales or Service Cloud?

Unfortunately, we do not offer services for Sales or Service Cloud at this time. Our focus is on providing exceptional services for Salesforce Marketing Cloud. We are continuously expanding our offerings, so stay tuned for future updates and possibilities.

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