How To Add Urgency To Your Abandoned Cart Journey

Being in the salesforce marketing cloud & automation world for over 8 years means I have had the opportunity to work with a lot of marketeers and how they view and develop journeys to be built in Salesforce. Below is one of my favourites when it comes to the Abandoned Cart Journey. One of the most common journeys you’ll find amongst organisations with a focus on ecommerce.


Abandoned Cart Journey

Abandoned cart emails are usually sent a few hours after the user has left the online store and an email containing the products has been sent. Conversion rate tends to be around 10% or higher and that leaves us with another 90% of users that have displayed some concrete interest in buying a product. Rather than sending an Abandoned Cart Reminder email, why not try the ones below. You could always send a reminder email if one of the below scenarios is not applicable.

Abandoned Cart - Low Stock Reminder

Once a product becomes low on stock, we usually see an indication of this on the online store of retailers. This is to add urgency on the user to add it to their cart as soon as possible but why not use this same indicator as a trigger for an Abandoned Cart Reminder email, one where communicate that the products in the cart, left behind by the user, might not be available anymore moving forward so be quick!

Abandoned Cart - Price Drop Reminder

The same applies for the prices of the products in the cart. If there is a drop due to a special promotion or someone had an Abandoned Cart prior to a day like Black Friday and now there is a price drop, wouldn’t you want to communicate this to your hottest leads? To those that already showed an intent of purchase?

Abandoned Cart - Reminder

As mentioned before, if the previous 2 scenarios are not applicable, I would still recommend sending a reminder email of the Abandoned Cart. Some are not ready not to purchase but the intent is there so why not go for it.

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Gary Vassart

A Belgian-born golf & mountaineering enthusiast with 8 years of Salesforce & Marketing Automation expertise. Having spent a decade abroad, Gary has worked with global brands with the likes of Nestlé, Coca-Cola, Adidas, and SNCF.