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Engage customers across multiple channels with Salesforce Service Cloud’s AI-driven solutions, a personalisable customer service CRM.

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Customer Service Is The New Marketing

Why Salesforce Service Cloud is so Important.

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Empower your team with a single source of truth for every customer.

Having a centralised repository of information ensures that all stakeholders are working with the same set of data, maintaining consistency and accuracy. This enables you to make informed decisions, rather than relying on conjecture, leading to improved engagement and conversion rates with less effort.

Customer Data Is The New Marketing.

Utilise customer information to drive customisation, division, and automation. Our clients have recognised the significance of prioritising the customer experience by integrating various aspects of the digital realm with Salesforce.


Salesforce Service Cloud Features

Account and Contact Management

Improve your Customer Experience, offering unique and personalised attention.

Lightning Console

The Lightning console unifies the agent experiences and provides all the information from customer profiles, case histories, to dashboards.

Live Agent

Chat 1:1 with your customers in real-time & instantly from any device. Chats can be quickly routed to subject matter experts.

Custom Reports and Dashboards

Make more reliable decisions with the help of real-time reports.

Personalised service in every device & location

Field-Service agents to solve the case on the go and managers and executives can monitor real-time metrics.

We are Transformative.

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