Why work with a Salesforce Partner?

06 Sep 2022 in

Why work with a Salesforce Partner?

Speaking to someone in the process of deciding whether to implement Salesforce and or looking to automate processes, strengthen customer relationships, and more; you probably know how intimidating it can be, especially when you do not have experience working with CRM platforms. 

This led you to learn about Salesforce partners and whether you should work with one or not. But before answering your question, let’s first take a look at what exactly a Salesforce Partner is.

According to salesforce.com, partners are an elite community of certified Salesforce professionals who work with companies across products, industries, and everything in between. This definition is correct but a Salesforce partner is a lot more than that. A Salesforce partner can also provide a fresh perspective on why you do and what you do; and whether your existing processes are the best approach or not. Determine your long-term and short-term goals and maximise adoption of the platform but most of all, this investment!

Now, let’s take a deeper look at why working with a Salesforce partner could be beneficial for you.

Time saving

Implementing Salesforce requires a lot of work and time, and as we all know, time is money. It’s very expensive to self implement an in-house resource, especially when you consider the inexperience of beginners who need to implement correctly and efficiently an advanced and complex ecosystem like Salesforce.

You are able to overcome all of these problems by hiring a Salesforce partner who has successfully implemented the platform hundreds of times. Rather than waiting for internal processes to mature, you can let your experienced Salesforce partner implement and customise Salesforce to suit all of your business needs.

Get exactly what you want

Every company is unique and specialised in different industries, just like every Salesforce partner. Therefore, finding the right partner that perfectly matches your company's needs is an important step towards the success of your business. For example, Transformative is specialised in Marketing Transformation, meaning we implement Salesforce products in the context of marketing. There is a world of difference in using Salesforce in the context of a bank, insurance, retail or pharmaceutical company. They are all different but Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud is flexible enough to cover all of it. The partner with the right experience and expertise will show you exactly how.

Boosts in revenue

Ultimately, it's all about the customers. One of the best aspects of working with Salesforce partners is their capabilities to effectively use Salesforce to drive user adoption, increase customer loyalty and satisfaction, accelerate the sales productivity and increase the growth level of your business. In addition to providing continuous support and training, Salesforce partners make improvements to the system for a more user-friendly experience. An integrated system ensures long term success for your business.


The goal of a company is always to evolve and be up to date with today's requirements. The same concept applies to Salesforce, with multiple releases of updated features every year.  With the help of your Salesforce partner, who is best positioned to see how these new features are being used, your business can grow together with Salesforce, guiding you in the right direction.

Salesforce Approved
Becoming a Salesforce partner is a long process. Before any company can be registered as a Salesforce partner they must meet the necessary requirements and provide the requested information in order to be accepted. This requires a significant effort in terms of time, financial investment, training, staff and certifications.  As a result, this long and strenuous process can provide a good indicator of the company's value. After all 91% of Salesforce customers already use partner applications and certified experts.