3 Lead Generation Tactics for E-commerce Retailers

01 Mar 2023 in

3 Lead Generation Tactics for E-commerce Retailers

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to nurture leads and drive sales for e-commerce retailers. But in order to start an email marketing campaign, you need to gather email addresses from your potential customers. Here are three lead generation tactics that can help you collect email addresses from your website visitors:

Offer a Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is a piece of valuable content that you offer to your website visitors in exchange for their email address. Lead magnets can take many forms, such as look-books, free trials, quizzes, etc. The key is to create content that provides real value to your target audience and solves a problem they're facing. To collect email addresses, you can create a landing page that promotes your lead magnet and requires visitors to enter their email address to access it.

Use Pop-Up Forms

Pop-up forms are a highly effective way to collect email addresses from website visitors. You can set up pop-up forms that appear when a visitor takes a specific action, such as scrolling down a certain percentage of the page or trying to exit the website. To increase the chances of visitors providing their email address, you can offer a discount code or other incentive in exchange for their information. It's cheaper to retarget an email subscriber than spending large sums in paid media campaigns.

Create an Exit-Intent Pop-up

An exit-intent popup is a form that appears when a visitor is about to leave your website. These popups can be highly effective in capturing email addresses because they give visitors one last chance to engage with your brand before they leave. To make the most of exit-intent popups, you can offer a special promotion or freebie that encourages visitors to provide their email address. You can also use messaging that emphasises the benefits of joining your email list, such as access to exclusive sales or early product releases.

By implementing these three lead generation tactics, you can effectively collect email addresses from your website visitors and start nurturing them with targeted email marketing campaigns. Remember to always provide value and make it easy for visitors to opt-in to your email list. With consistent effort, you can build a loyal customer base and grow your e-commerce business.