2 Email Journeys That Increase Customer Loyalty

16 Feb 2023 in

2 Journeys Tactics That Boost Customer Loyalty In E-Commerce

No matter how exceptional your product is, how affordable your prices are, or how amazing your customer service is, there will always be another brand (or more likely, countless brands) attempting to lure your hard-earned customers away. Therefore, it is crucial to make customer loyalty a continuous priority in your marketing strategy. To help you cultivate and retain loyalty within your customer base, I have once again delved into our extensive collection of e-commerce journeys and compiled this array of impressive customer loyalty journey examples.

Reward Spending

Incorporating rewards and loyalty programs into your email marketing campaigns can be a powerful tool for increasing customer loyalty. By incentivising spending and offering special perks, such as exclusive discounts or early access to sales, customers are encouraged to make purchases and feel valued for their loyalty. Additionally, sending personalised emails that offer rewards based on a customer's spending habits, like a discount on their favourite product or free shipping on their next purchase, can create a sense of personalised attention and encourage customers to continue engaging with your brand. Ultimately, by prioritising rewards and loyalty programs in your email marketing strategy, you can create a positive feedback loop, with satisfied customers more likely to return to your business and share their positive experiences with others.

IKEA for example sends a thank you email with a €10 voucher if you shopped at least 3 times in the last 12 months for a minimum of €100. This only if you are part of the IKEA Family. This is an excellent way to get customers (usually with their families) to come back in and buy the missing accessories or decorations to their homes as well have a meal. Considering IKEA claims to be the world's sixth largest food chain, you could consider this to be a double win!

Provide Curated Content

Offering curated content is an excellent strategy to enhance customer loyalty in email marketing. By presenting tailored and personalised content based on a customer's past purchases, search history, and preferences, you can show that you value their individual needs and interests. Curated content can also serve as an effective tool for providing educational resources, highlighting new products or services, and providing useful tips or advice. Through regular and targeted communication, customers feel appreciated and understood, leading to an increased sense of trust and brand loyalty. Overall, a strong email marketing campaign that prioritises curated content can go a long way in building a loyal and engaged customer base.

For example, when selling scented candles or reed diffusers, it would be of high value to send a replenishment journey, based on the the amount and buying cadence of your customer base. This in combination with a discount makes it incredibly convenient for a customer to buy straight from the brand rather than looking for deals through a third-party seller.